Sunday, February 26, 2017


It has been awhile since I have done a book report.  All these books I read in November/December so I'm very overdue on posting. I thought I would write this up while having the red carpet of the Oscars in the background.
Don't Tempt Me: A story of neighbors falling for each other.  I didn't really like this book- too fluffy for me. 2 stars

The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo: I enjoyed this book by Amy Schumar. A lot of stories I didn't know about her, so I was entertained the entire way.  3.5 stars

Into the Deep: My first book by Samantha Young. I liked it and read the second book in the series as well.  I definitely will read more by this author. I want to read On Dublin Street next. 3.5 stars

Girl Underwater: Not very realistic, but a good plane crash book with a hint of romance. 3 stars

Superficial: I love Andy Cohen, but this book was just too long. I enjoyed all the tidbits since I'm such a big Bravo fan, but it was just never ending. 3 stars

Keep Me Posted: This is about 2 sisters who write letter to each other and one of them posts their letters to a "private" blog.  Somehow the blog becomes public and they become insta-famous. Boring book- don't bother.    2 stars

Losing It: This was our first book club book. I first saw it on the Skimm. I thought it was pretty bad book.  2 stars

What Light: I love the cover of this book. Easy, Christmasy young adult book. 3 stars

Winter Storms: This was the last book from the Winter Series by Elin Hildebrand. I felt for being the last book, the author didn't really tie up all the loose ends. 3.5 stars

I just realized I didn't rate any of these books above a 4.  Nothing really wow'ed me in these books. Stay tuned for another book report soon.


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