Sunday, February 19, 2017

Odds & Ends (including Valentines Day)

It sure feels like spring ahead here, especially with the tulips sitting on our kitchen counter that I bought for Valentines Day. I just love the pink color!

I ordered some wedding pictures and can't wait to put them up when we get our new bedroom furniture.

We ordered heart shaped donuts for the work crew from Basset Street Brunch Club.
I have been saying for awhile we should do a puzzle together.  So Jeff surprised me with a 2000 puzzle for Valentines Day and we have been working on it every night this week (well more Jeff than me!)

Has any watched Imposters on Bravo? I normally don't watch their scripted shows, but I recorded it and watched the first 2 episodes over the weekend. I think I like it? I will definitely watch at least a few more episodes.

Oh speaking of TV, did you see Britney Ever After over the weekend? Yikes! 


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