Sunday, February 5, 2017

TV time

I spent a lot of time catching up on all my DVR shows this weekend.

Have you been watching the Bachelor? 

A few episodes ago they were in Wisconsin and there was a fantastic article about the behind-the-scenes filming of it. Another good article about the farm they filmed at on their group date. It was super interesting to me since I was so familiar with all the locations!

Please tell me you have been watching This Is Us. The best show out there IMO.
I just LOVED this article about Chrissy Metz this week. Never ever give up.
If your a fan of the show, I highly recommend watching Mandy Moore's instagram stories. She shares snippets of filming (like her make-up process for becoming old).

 I caught up on Bravo's new show Summer House this weekend. It isn't as stellar as Vanderpump Rules, but it passes the time.

 I am currently watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Ladies of London, and Vanderpump Rules on Bravo.

I also caught up on Nashville. They switched to the CMT network so I have to get used to it being on Thursday nights now.
Am I the only one that is happy Layla is gone? I have liked this season so far.

Scandal and HTGAM have both returned to Thursday night.  I have been a huge Scandal fan, but I have to say I have been enjoying HTGAM much more so far. It has been so thrilling!

The most disappointing show I'm watching has to be Quantico. I watched all of season 1 and have been really not loving Season 2. I am almost ready to call it quits. It is almost a totally different plot with new characters and it is very hard to follow.

What are your favorite TV shows?!


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