Sunday, January 1, 2017


 hello! happy new year. 

My 2016 New Years Resolution was to read over 100 books. I know crazy right?? I signed up for a library card & had my cousin, Beth (who was the one who inspired me to get back into reading) told me the best books she was reading so it was so easy to get started!

I am so proud of myself for surpassing my goal!!! I don't think I will ever be able to reach that number again, but I really pushed myself this year!

I wanted to share my top ten 11 favorite books I have read this year. This list was really hard to come up with and I have changed it a bunch of times- I have read a lot of good books!

 The Hating Game
I am so in love with this darling story!  I think this might be my favorite book I read this year. 

Ugly Love / November 9
I fell in love with author Colleen Hoover this year. She might be my favorite author to date. I read ALL of her books this year, but these 2 were my favorite.

I feel these two books are under the radar, but so so good! I love books that I don't have any expectations about and then blow me away.

Both of these are YA books & fantastic! Better off Friends takes place in Wisconsin so it gets extra bonus points from me. The Problem with Forever had such depth for a YA book, I was very impressed.

These 2 books are very different, but I both throughly enjoyed. The entire story for The Boy is Back is told in emails, texts, and other forms of digital media, which makes for a quick and unique read.  The Deal was steamy with sparks flying throughout the story, but integrated humor, banter, friendship and of course romance.

All The Bright Places took me on an emotional roller coaster and probably was the saddest book I read, but yet so powerful it deserves to be toward the top of my list.
I read a few Taylor Jenkins Reid books this year and After I Do is by far my favorite of hers. I really wasn't sure how it was going to end and just was so pleased with the conclusion of the story (unlike One True Loves).

What were some of the best books you read this year?


  1. The Hating Game and After I Do made my top 3. I ask loved The Deal, AtBP , November 9 and The Island. I hope to get to the Problem with Forever this year. Great list!

  2. I so glad to inspire you! Your reading inspired me. I love trading ideas and seeing that's on your list and library haul! Keep reading!