Saturday, August 5, 2017

Megan B Wedding

Last weekend we celebrated the wedding of my friend Megan. I have known her since we met the very first day of high school. We had 1st and 2nd hour together and I still remember where we sat in homeroom. We had to sit in alphabetical order so Megan was in the front (Bruins) and I was in the back (Schmidt). Now our last names have switched where I am E (Endres) and she now W (Wierl).

Megan's wedding was held at the Veterans Terrace in Burlington, WI. There were a lot of flooding that happened a few weeks back, and luckily they were still able to have their wedding here. You can see from all the dead grass how high the water got. It literally flooded the entire ceremony area.
Megan & Andy flew to Mexico for the week for their honeymoon.


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