Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Even more books I want to share! 
We Are Okay:  Maybe I am in the minority on this, but I did not like this book very much. I thought the story was slow and didn't have much of a plot either. 1 star

The Kind Worth Killing: This was a work club book and it was so fast paced and twisty. Constant unexpected twist and turns! The ending though, come on!  As soon as I finished, I had to read the discussion board on Goodreads on theories of that ending (don't want to give it away).  I highly recommend this for all who like a good suspense novel. 4.5 stars

Breathe, Annie, Breath:  Annie is training for a marathon in honor of her boyfriend that recently died.  He was training to run the same marathon before he died in a car accident. The only problem Annie hates running. This one was meh.  2 stars

Pushing the Limits: The story is about 2 teens who each have their own problems and tragedies in their life. Echo gets assigned to tutor Noah. They don't like each other at first, but unite against their counselor. 3 stars

Rich People Problems: Great ending book to this triology! I highly recommend reading these right after another because there are SO many characters to remember and follow. 4.5 stars

Come to Me Quietly: Aleena has loved her brother's best friend since she was little. She hasn't seen him for 6 years and then he walks back into her life. There is a 2nd book, but I probably won't read it anytime soon.  3 stars

Archer's Voice: What a great non-typical love story and refreshingly different! It was worth the read and wonderfully written.  4 stars

Always and Forever Lara Jean: Perfect ending to this triology. You have to read this adorable series!  4 stars

The Edge of Never:  First, how perfect is that french braid on the cover?!  Cam is tired of her life, so she hops on a Greyhound bus with no real destination. She meets Andrew who happens so sit behind her. They decide to go on a road trip together. The rest of the book is their adventure together and the big secret is revealed about Andrew. I'm glad there was an epilogue.  3.5 stars

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