Monday, September 19, 2016

Odds & Ends

Happy Monday! Fall starts this week, which is okay by me.  Here are some random things from the last few weeks.

Have you tried the new Essie Gel Couture nail polish? 
l bought the color Touch-Up for a fall color to try.
My thoughts: Yes I did think it took a bit longer before I noticed a chip, and I liked the shiny look. However I think the $11.50 price is a bit steep.

I saw from a blogger's snapchat that I follow, this Pellegrino tasted like a mimosa.  Of course, I would give it a try! I thought it was pretty good (not exactly mimosa tasting), but it cost like $7 for a 6 pack. I don't think I will re-purchase.
Jeff & I were browsing the summer section of Target.  Yes we did buy that lounge chair for $10

Dad was in Madison last week so I met him for lunch. 
We ate at Ians right next to my work. I ordered the Mac & Cheese and my dad had some spinach slice.

Jeff & I ate at the Original Pancake House in Middleton over the weekend. Can you believe that I have never ate here yet? It doesn't look at all the same as the one in Brookfield, but the food is just as good. (P.S. It is cash only!)

Last but not least,
one dinner success last week:

And one dessert fail:

 Here is the picture of the box of what it is supposed to look like:
Someone please tell me what I did wrong?!
P.S. The cupcake itself tasted moist & delicious. I didn't love the frosting. Reminded me of a carmel apple from Elegant Farmer.

Have a good week! 


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