Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Here are the books I have read in April.
 (I know it is June and I have so late in posting this)

Maybe Someday:  Another wonderful CoHo book. Such a beautiful story and I couldn't put it down! 5 stars

Maybe Not:  I thought the accompanying novella was just as good. I was happy we got more of Warren & Bridgette. 5 stars

What I Thought was True:  The book was a little long winded. Just okay & non-memorable. 3 stars

Why We Came to the City:  I read this for Goodreads bookclub and didn't really love it. The book seemed disjointed- the first half was very different than the second half of the book. 3 stars

In Real Life:  I thought this was an unique and adorable YA story and Hannah and Nick were great characters. Definite recommend and enjoyed the Las Vegas setting. 4 stars

Losing the Light:  Meh- just okay.  It tells the story of a girl's study abroad in France. 3.5 stars

The Total Package:  Another quick, easy read. I read the entire book in one sitting. 3.5 stars

On the Island:  I heard good thing about this story from other bloggers, so I read it by the pool in Vegas & I LOVED this book.  A teacher & high-school student survive a plane crash and are stranded on an deserted island together.  I just loved TJ and Anna's story. 5 stars

Uncharted:  After I finished On the Island, I was thrilled there was a novella. I did not enjoy nearly as much. 2.5 stars

I also read Anna and the French Kiss series. These YA books are adorable. They are light, funny, and just all around cute.  
What should I read next?


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