Sunday, April 2, 2017

Master Bedroom Makeover

We have been on the hunt for a bedroom set for awhile now. We have been using Jeff's bed from high school and mis-matched night stands for the last 2 years.  Around Thanksgiving we went to several furniture stores to look around, but didn't find anything we really liked. I went online and saw a bedroom set I really liked at Colders. Only problem... there is no Colders in Madison. We called the store and we were willing to drive to Delafield to look at it, but unfortunately they didn't have that bedroom set in stock.  Jeff & I didn't want to spend that much money without actually seeing it.

We looked up the closest furniture store that sold the Stanley bedroom set and the closest store was in High Point, North Carolina (only 886 miles away).  Well it just so happened Jeff had to go to North Carolina for work the first week in December and he would be driving right by High Point during the week. What are the chances? Jeff was going to stop into the Stanley showroom and send me some pictures of the set.  Unfortunately, when Jeff got to the showroom, all of the doors were locked. It was during the day so he had no idea why the store was closed.  I quickly looked up their hours and realized they are only open once a year when buyers from furniture stores all over the world come in to view the the year's latest collections. Luckily, they had a customer chat on their website, so I asked them if there was any other furniture stores in the area. They suggested FurnitureLand South which was only a few minutes away from where Jeff was.

I gave Jeff directions and off he went.  Well apparently it is the largest furniture store in the world and he was shocked by how big the store was.  He even needed a map to get to the furniture. He sent me a million pictures of some of the pieces (they didn't have everything) and was really impressed by the pure size of the store and furniture. 

After a lot of thinking (and lots of measurements) we decided to order it right after Christmas and 8 weeks later it finally arrived. 
Quite the story to tell! 

Here are some Before and After pictures.

I still would like to get a chair in the corner since we have the space, but otherwise the room is just about finished. The comforter I found at Kohls and the lamps are from HomeGoods.


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