Sunday, May 8, 2016


Jeff & I are back from a little trip to Vegas for my birthday! 

We landed in Vegas Friday night, checked into our hotel (we stayed at the MGM this time) and then walked down the strip to find some dinner. We ended up catching this new digital short playing at the Bellagio.  It reminded me of World of Color at DisneyLand. 
After that we treated ourselves to a frozen hot chocolate from Serendipity. 
The next day was rainy and I couldn't believe how Vegas could not handle the rain! There were huge puddles everywhere and when we walked through New York, New York there were garbage cans everywhere collecting rain from the ceiling. Yikes!
Our must stop lunch- Grimaldi's.

Since we couldn't go to the pool we walked around and it is always fun checking everything out. Always a sight to see!
We saw Billy Joel on Saturday night at the new T Mobile Arena. 
(I was trying to take a selfie of Jeff & me and the guy behind us always was creeping in the background! )

 The next day we took a taxi to get In & Out for lunch. It was a must!
Then we headed to the pool for the entire afternoon. I brought a few books to read & was very relaxing!
Grimaldi's was so good- we ate it twice! Different location though :)
 Our last day had the nicest weather.  We spent much of the day at the pool again.
We decided to have dinner at ShakeShack that recently opened at New York, New York. (I think it very similar to Culvers)
We stopped to watch one last Bellagio fountain show (my favorite) before we headed back to MGM for our EARLY morning flight.
Wishing you all a happy week ahead!


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