Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fall 2015 TV LINEUP

Last year I did a recap of Fall TV Shows and I thought it would be fun to do again this year. 

I had heard about this show for months and was excited to watch it when it finally came out. After 2 episodes, I am hooked! I definitely will continue to watch. I haven't watched a show like this in awhile so it is very refreshing.

Blood & Oil
 I watched the first episode, but haven't gotten around to watch the 2nd episode (it is on the DVR still). It is just okay- I don't know if I will keep watching. I have so many other shows and the first episode I didn't think was that good.

Scream Queens
 I DID NOT like this show. I watched one episode (which was a 2 hour series premiere) and thought it was terrible. I thought the acting was bad and didn't understand the point of the show. I will not watch another minute of this show. This show was all hype, I don't think it will last more than a couple seasons.

Survivor- Second Chances
I haven't watched Survivor in years, but my brother (who is a die hard fan of the show) told me that the cast this season is all former contestants. Kelly from season 1 is back! Also Kimmy and Jeff from Season 2 are back. I'm enjoying watching this show again.

Dancing with the Stars
Another season, new stars. I miss Len as a judge this year. I did hear Maks may come back as a guest judge. I think that would be fun to watch. Who do you want to win? I would like Bindi Irwin or Nick Carter to win the mirror ball.

This season is boring so far. Why are Castle and Beckett broken up?! They just got married- I don't get it.

Modern Family
I don't know if this show is a good as earlier seasons, but I still enjoy watching it.  I like how they brought Dylan back this year.

This season picks up where it left off, Juliette is going in a downward spiral, Deacon's sister is in the hospital, Teddy is in jail, and the on-and-off again couple of Scarlett and Gunner.  I always DVR  this show and watch later in the week. 

This is a great show and am enjoying this new season. I wonder how long Olivia & Fitz will last. It was just revealed that Olivia is the President's mistress so I am curious how that will play out.

How to Get Away with Murder
This show is twisty, turning, always something happening and sometimes I have no idea what is going on.  I always text Drew after the show to explain what is happening.

Bravo Shows
Besides all the shows above, I watch a lot of Bravo shows during the week.

What are your favorite TV shows?


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