Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Summer Book Review

I read three books during my vacation. All 3 different, but there was a death in all 3 of them (I don't want to give that much away), so I am looking for a more upbeat book to read next.

I loved, loved, loved this book and would highly recommend it! I posted a picture on Instagram and my cousin Beth told me there is a sequel coming out in September.  I knew that a movie was coming out with Emilia Clarke, but had no idea about another book was in the works. I  hope it is good as the first!

This was a perfect pool read. It takes place in the 30's and has romance as well as history all mixed into one. Each chapter alternates from the present to eight years prior in the past. 

l liked this book A LOT, but didn't like the end and the overall theme was somewhat depressing. It's about a group of teenagers who meet in an arts camp in the 1970s, and follows them throughout their lives into the present day. If you gauge a book about how much you think about it after I finished, then I definitely think it worth reading. It was very well-written.

What book should I read next?


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