Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning

I know Christmas has come and gone, but I wanted to do a recap & share some pictures of our first married Christmas. Jeff and I drove to Mukwonago on Christmas Eve. We decided to go to church at St. Mary's and surprise my grandma who we knew was going to be there. I was so happy we did that, since I knew I wasn't going to see her the next day.

 After church we had appetizers, ate Christmas cookies, looked at Christmas cards, and did some last minute wrapping!

We woke up Christmas morning and opened up gifts that Santa brought! 

Drew gave me the most creative gift ever, a Chipotle burrito that had a scarf inside

 I have already finished reading the book. I loved it- silly but hilarious and an easy read!

Stay tuned for pictures of Christmas afternoon at the farm!


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