Sunday, November 11, 2012

I Believe In..

I believe that sometimes the only thing you need to make yourself feel better is a real, genuine, heartfelt cry.

 I believe in Starbucks and their amazing drinks.
I believe in hugs.

I believe in multiple vacations a year.

I believe in eating macaroni and cheese whenever the craving strikes.

I believe in girl time.

I believe in thank you notes.

I believe in sleeping in on weekends.

I believe in always having my nails painted.

I believe in birthdays.

I believe in not taking moments for granted. 

I believe in following a strict schedule of watching 'Watch What Happens Live.' 10pm. Every night.  Bravo.

I believe in taking pictures.

I believe in living the heck out of this beautiful life. 

What do you believe in?


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