Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What I have learned this summer:

1. Seattle is so picturesque.
2. Spray on Tans save a lot of time.
3. Air Conditioning is a Beautiful Thing.
4. I've realized how much work goes into moving into an apartment
5. In summer, its always possible to survive on little sleep. Just drink coffee.
6. Mondays have the most billing.
7. Summer school is better when you take it with someone.
8. Some friends change.
9. I feel old.
10. I eat way too much in the summer.
11. I love my bed.
12. The farther up north you go, the prettier the stars get.
13. Don't wear heels to Summerfest.
14. Watersking is HARD!
15. Smores are the best.
16. Drew has good taste with what he picked out for my purse.
17. Always make plans- don't just wait to the last minute.
18. I learned who my true friends are...


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