Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Welcome Bags

Putting together the Welcome Bags for our guests staying at the Abbey Resort turned out to be one of my favorite wedding tasks.

A few weekends before the wedding Jeff put all the "Jeff & Diana" labels on the water bottles and made ourselves a small assembly line..we were a machine making sure everything was just perfect. We had to wait until the cookies arrived a couple days before the wedding to finish them off & I just loved how they turned out!
For the bag and custom water bottle labels, I worked with Tina from 4WeddingWelcomeBags.
For the Crossword Puzzle I created it here. You can easily customize the color of the block and the font.
My dad stopped in Lake Geneva and he picked up the maps & magazines.
My brother Drew, made "The Morning After" note.
Homemade wedding cookies -- made by my aunt's friend and the perfect sweet treat!
She even made these special ones for the bride & groom!
The finished products...all lined up and ready to be delivered to the Abbey Resort.
The bags were a lot of work but I think they ended up really personal and useful. More than a few people after the wedding made comments about the  great cookies or crossword questions (maybe they learned something about us they may not have known!) - so I think they were a hit.


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