Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Bridal Party Gifts

 The bridal party gifts were really important to me... so I have been planning them for MONTHS! 

So here is what I ended up with for the bridesmaids:

Yes all my bridesmaids first name started with an L or M.
On the inside of each of their totes bags I had earrings & nail polish for the wedding, Kate Spade perfume, monogrammed hanger (not pictured) and Skinny Girl Sparklers. Each had the same stuff inside except each girl had a different flavor Skinny Girl. I spent loads of time looking for totes & very happy with them
Jeff gave all of his groomsmen and ushers (his two brothers) their favorite liquor and then a silver tie clip with their initials engraved on it from Etsy.
Our Ring Bearer Alex (Jeff's nephew) is ten so he is in that in-between stage where a grown up gift isn't that cool, but any sort of toy he is just to old for. Jeff got him a tie clip just like everyone else and then NBA bracelet that he wanted.

Our little Flower Girl, Emma (Jeff's niece) is probably one of the most adorable 5 year olds I have ever seen...and is absolutely in LOVE with the movie "Frozen". We gave her a wedding themed sticker book, coloring book, and Frozen book and Etch & Sketch. 

 For the readers and anyone who helped out with the wedding, we got them a bottle of wine with a custom label that my brother, Drew created.

 As for our parents, we gave them a custom ornament with our custom monogram on it (which was used throughout the wedding) and wedding card from Etsy. I also will give each of them a wedding album once our pictures are in.

 We feel so lucky to have had so many amazing people involved in our wedding. They all mean so much to us!!


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