Thursday, April 27, 2017


 We did Easter a bit different this year. My brother flew home the week before so we celebrated then. I drove home Friday night and we got the St. James Fish Fry for dinner.  Drew & I used to work the fish frys back in the day.  Then on Saturday we went to see Beauty and the Beast.
 Afterwards we stopped at saw my grandma (we call her Amah) and visited her for a bit.
We had such a good home cooked dinner on Saturday!

On Sunday morning, Mom made a French Toast bake before I drove back to Madison and they took Drew to the airport.

 Drew opened up his Easter Basket before he left and I took mine back to wait to open with Jeff.
 At work the Party Planning Committee put together Easter Eggs and had an Easter Egg Hunt in the office.

 On actual Easter, Jeff & I went to church and then opened up our Easter basket. We took it easy the rest of the day. 

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Odds & Ends

Happy Sunday! All the windows are open in our house and the it is starting to feel like spring! 
Here is a smorgasbord of life lately in pictures.

I went to the Anthropology Fashion Show a few weeks back. I heard it about it through Hip Foodie Mom snapchat. I follow her instragram too because it is fun to watch all her food creations (and she is from Madison!)
They had these oh-so-pretty treats after the show.  They were from Bloom Bake Shop and I think I need to remember these sweets the next time we need breakfast at work.

I tried this new recipe for dinner and it was a success! (It doesn't quite look the picture, but still tasted just as good).
We had a work breakfast at the Old Fashioned. I didn't even know they served breakfast, but we walked across the square to have an end of month breakfast instead of lunch. It was nice to change things up a bit. The pancakes were delicious and man that coffee really was strong!
My friend Lindsey came up to Madison and we went to Cheesecake Factory to celebrate her birthday.  She doesn't like cheesecake so we ordered some brownie/hot fudge/ice cream deliciousness and I had to take a picture of how HUGE the dessert was.
My co-worker and I stopped at the Community Culture Event at the Madison Public Library and got to listen to the founder of YumButter speak. It was very informative and now I want to try some nut butter.
Now that Easter is over, I can go back to my Chipotle Fridays. I have been looking for some good Fish Frys in March & April and really liked Cafe Hollander's & you can't beat the price. Jeff & I want to go back when its nice outside and sit at their outdoor patio.
 Nicer weather calls for Jeff to start his lawn maintenance regimen. I'm impressed how much he works to keep our lawn looking so nice. It is only our 3rd summer with grass, so it still isn't perfect, but each year it comes back better and better.
Starbucks is soooo smart. They make a terrible drink, but it doesn't matter because everyone will still buy it (including me). At least I got a good photo op out of it!
We celebrated my boss's birthday and did a tail-gating themed. We even set up the bean bag game toss.
Yesterday we went to the Outlets in the Wisconsin Dells. Can you believe that I have never been there ever?! I forget that the Dells are less than an hour from our house.
We got there around 10 in the morning and took a lunch break and drove to Monk's downtown (not the one next to Kalahari). I love a good bar burger and this one did not disappoint! After lunch, we went back to the outlet for round 2. Both Jeff & I scored some deals.
Hope everyone has a great week ahead!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Master Bedroom Makeover

We have been on the hunt for a bedroom set for awhile now. We have been using Jeff's bed from high school and mis-matched night stands for the last 2 years.  Around Thanksgiving we went to several furniture stores to look around, but didn't find anything we really liked. I went online and saw a bedroom set I really liked at Colders. Only problem... there is no Colders in Madison. We called the store and we were willing to drive to Delafield to look at it, but unfortunately they didn't have that bedroom set in stock.  Jeff & I didn't want to spend that much money without actually seeing it.

We looked up the closest furniture store that sold the Stanley bedroom set and the closest store was in High Point, North Carolina (only 886 miles away).  Well it just so happened Jeff had to go to North Carolina for work the first week in December and he would be driving right by High Point during the week. What are the chances? Jeff was going to stop into the Stanley showroom and send me some pictures of the set.  Unfortunately, when Jeff got to the showroom, all of the doors were locked. It was during the day so he had no idea why the store was closed.  I quickly looked up their hours and realized they are only open once a year when buyers from furniture stores all over the world come in to view the the year's latest collections. Luckily, they had a customer chat on their website, so I asked them if there was any other furniture stores in the area. They suggested FurnitureLand South which was only a few minutes away from where Jeff was.

I gave Jeff directions and off he went.  Well apparently it is the largest furniture store in the world and he was shocked by how big the store was.  He even needed a map to get to the furniture. He sent me a million pictures of some of the pieces (they didn't have everything) and was really impressed by the pure size of the store and furniture. 

After a lot of thinking (and lots of measurements) we decided to order it right after Christmas and 8 weeks later it finally arrived. 
Quite the story to tell! 

Here are some Before and After pictures.

I still would like to get a chair in the corner since we have the space, but otherwise the room is just about finished. The comforter I found at Kohls and the lamps are from HomeGoods.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Fun at Work

If you follow along on my blog, I have probably mentioned before that I am part of the Party Planning Committee at work. We plan a treat for all employee birthdays (there are only 15 of us) and celebrate the holidays & any other fun occasions. Here are some of the fun celebrations the past few months:
National Cereal Day
St. Patricks Day
Wine Slushies (these were my favorite)
Employee Appreciation Day
Did you know Olive Garden caters?
Uber Puppies

What are some fun things you do at work?

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Odds and Ends

Hello! Can you believe it is almost April? I am ready for winter to be over.

Two great news story that happened in Wisconsin this week. Here and here. Both videos went viral and made it on Good Morning America.

My parents came up to Madison this weekend and Jeff's parents also came by and we all had lunch together. The girls chit chatted while the boys watched golf.

The weather was in the 60s on Friday so I went for my first walk/jog outside. I was so sore this weekend since I haven't excised in forever.

A few of our college friends came up to Madison and we went to the Badger hockey game.
Speaking of Badgers, how heartbreaking was the basketball game on Friday night?

Last but not least, Jeff finished the puzzle- all 2000 pieces. He approximated it took him about 30-40 hours.
Wishing you all a great week!