Monday, August 28, 2017


I can't believe it is the last week of August! Where has summer gone? I have been loving the slightly cooler temps lately though.

Just some iPhone pics from August to catch us all up to speed.

A few weeks after Megan's wedding I got to catch up again with all my girlfriends and we went to the Brewers game. We were pretty excited that we got free hats!
I also had another bridal shower a few weeks back. I know it seems like I have gone to a lot this summer. It was so good to see all my cousins and catch up with them. Rachel & Derek are getting married in October.
We celebrated Alex's birthday. He turned 13 on August 13th. I always enjoy seeing  what the cake will look like. The boys had an impromptu basketball game during the party.
Jeff & I stopped by the sunflowers last Saturday morning. We were a few days past the peak, but it was still worth stopping by. It is definitely something to see if you are in the Madison/Middleton area, and it is free!
We had our friends over for a Football Fantasy Draft Party last Sunday. It was so good to see all our college friends!
Who saw the solar eclipse? It was sort of a let down right? My co-workers and I walked outside and watched on the capital lawn. I thought it would get darker, but we weren't in totality so I think it would have been much cooler in the areas.

Last but not least, I had a work outing on Friday afternoon. I have been helping plan this event, since I'm part of the Party Planning Committee at work. 
We went on Lake Monona and grilled out on the pontoon and even jumped in the water. (I did not participate in that)
Hope everyone has a great week!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Megan B Wedding

Last weekend we celebrated the wedding of my friend Megan. I have known her since we met the very first day of high school. We had 1st and 2nd hour together and I still remember where we sat in homeroom. We had to sit in alphabetical order so Megan was in the front (Bruins) and I was in the back (Schmidt). Now our last names have switched where I am E (Endres) and she now W (Wierl).

Megan's wedding was held at the Veterans Terrace in Burlington, WI. There were a lot of flooding that happened a few weeks back, and luckily they were still able to have their wedding here. You can see from all the dead grass how high the water got. It literally flooded the entire ceremony area.
Megan & Andy flew to Mexico for the week for their honeymoon.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

2 Showers 1 Weekend

Happy last day of July! I went to a wedding over the weekend and I feel exhausted today.  A few weeks ago, I went to back-to-back showers.

My former college roomie, Emily, is having a baby in September and her shower was held at The Covenant at Murray Mansion in Racine. This place was so pretty! They renovated an 140 year old church & mansion and just opened this spring. Emily's mom put so many cute details into the shower.
The next day I attended a bridal shower for one of my girlfriend's. I have known Mallory since 1st grade! Mallory's wedding is in October. Another lovely day!
With my high school girls! I was with all of these ladies this past weekend celebrating Megan's wedding (the one in the middle).

Hope everyone has a great week ahead!