Sunday, December 3, 2017


We drove to Mukwonago on Thanksgiving morning and ate by noon.  My mom had to leave for work by 3:30 and we left around the same time to drive back to Madison & put up our Christmas tree at night.  We did not venture out to any stores to shop.
Jeff actually made these pumpkin pies from scratch using his mom's recipe. I was very impressed he wanted to tackle this and they turned out perfect for his first pie making! 

Thursday, November 23, 2017


We decided on our final day to get up early and head to Ottawa for a few hours before going back to Montreal to catch our flight.
Parliament was breathtaking including all the other buildings surrounding it. They were doing some construction and starting to build the ice skating rink.
Last picture of the trip on the plane ride home. Tired, but another fantastic vacation!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


After leaving Quebec City, we had a scenic drive to Mont Tremblant. We checked into our hotel and then strolled the village. We were very surprised that there weren't many people out and some of the shops & restaurants were closed.
By the time dinner rolled around it was pouring rain. We walked to the closest bar and Jeff ordered chili and I had pasta. 
The next morning we woke up and got Starbucks. Our first holiday cup of the season. It was raining again but luckily our hotel gave us umbrellas so were were able to stroll and take some pictures.
We stopped at Le Shack for a quick bit to eat. I liked my BLT and Jeff enjoyed his burger.
After lunch we headed to the Scandinave Spa. We were really looking forward to going hear the entire trip. We went to the Whistler location on our honeymoon & our trip back there. I couldn't take our nice camera so I snuck photos on my iPhone. It was rainy and cold and it actually provided a nice ambiance.
After our relaxing day (we were there for 5 hours!) we had a late dinner at La Pizzateria
Final stop Ottawa!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017


Bonjour from Quebec City! Our drive from Montreal went by fast. Jeff was very excited we crossed the  bridge.
After we settled into our hotel, we walked to Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac. Did you know this is the most photographed hotel in the world?! I can certainly see why.
For dinner we went to le Chic Shack.  It is supposed to be like the infamous Shake Shack. I wouldn't say it was that similar, but still very good. We splurged and both got milkshakes and they were the best part!
Our hotel was next to Tim Hortons and we for sure had to stop there at least once while in Canada!  Tim Hortons is the equivalent of Dunkin' Donuts in the states. Our whole time on vacation, this was the only place where the language barrier was an issue. Almost everywhere they spoke English, but at Tim Hortons it didn't seems so and I had to point to our donuts but it all worked out.
After eating breakfast, we drove about 15 minutes to Montmorency Falls. At first, we were worried the falls weren't open since the fence was locked to the stairs to the summit, but then we saw people on the suspension bridge that takes you from one side of the falls to the other, so we were able to drive to the top.

Can you tell it was a little windy on top?!
After the waterfalls, we had lunch at Chez Victor. This is a gourmet burger joint, but neither of us ordered burgers. Jeff got his poutine & I got a salad.
After lunch we strolled Old Quebec.  It was as every bit as charming as I imagined it to be.  Nearly every street and neighborhood looks straight out of Beauty and the Beast with their cobblestone streets and flower-box lined windows, I must say my favorite area of the city was definitely the petit champlain quarter.
After walking miles, we took a break in our hotel until dinner time. We had dinner at Sapristi.  I really enjoyed the ambiance of this restaurant but both of us didn't love our pizzas.
Since we were not totally satisfied after dinner, we walked back to Le Chic Shack and ordered milkshakes to-go. The restaurant has a great view of the Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac. We made sure to walk around one last time and take a few night photos.
We hustled back to our hotel to watch This is Us while enjoying our shakes. 
Next stop Mont Tremblant!