Monday, September 29, 2014


 I am not sure if this is a good or bad thing, but this is the first time in several years I have time to watch TV during the weeknights.  My nights were filled with studying for the CPA, then planning a wedding.  Now I have time to watch as much TV as I want. 

Here are a few of my favorite shows that I watch fairly regularly and a couple 
news that I am looking forward to checking out: 

The first episode was a hot mess- so many blunders during the dances! I loved Julianne Hough as a dancer, but don't love her as a judge. Also I hardly know any of the celebrities this season. 
I watched one episode and this show reminds me of Castle. I probably will keep watching.
 They said this show is Glee meets Fault in our Stars and I would agree. I really really like this new show. Very fresh! 
Jeff and I love watching this show. We probably only started watching this show last year when they started playing reruns on USA. I think we have now seen every episode!
 I am getting bored with Nashville. I loved season 1 and thought season 2 was just okay. I am getting sick of Rayna's love triangle.
This is the final season of Parenthood. Jeff & I actually forget and missed the first episode so we watched it on On Demand. This is such a good show, but it is just too bad it is on Thursday night with all the other TV shows. I have a feeling someone will die at the very end (maybe Zeek?) .
Where is Olivia Pope?! I wonder what this season will bring. Do you think she should be with Fitz or Jake? I can't decide!
How many times have you seen the commercial where she draws on the chalkboard and puts down the show and says "and THAT is how you get away with murder" ?! Of course I had to tune in and the show DID NOT dissapoint. It reminds me of when I first started watching Scandal.

Okay so it does seem like I watch A LOT of TV! What are your favorite TV shows?


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