Monday, December 16, 2013


We started off day taking the subway to Chelsea Market. When we walked in they had incredibly amazing fresh food smells. They had fresh cheeses, breads, pastas, spices, cupcakes, seafood, donuts and the list could just go on and on. Our intention was to find something to eat there for lunch. So how did we went up eating at Chipotle instead? Ask Jeff! lol
We then headed to the kid heaven of FAO Schwartz .

After that we decided to explore the Roosevelt Island Tram. It isn't that touristy & most people take it for public transportation, but Jeff had heard about it, so we decided to go for an adventure. 
The tram was such a great time. It was one of Jeff's highlights of the trip to NY. It had gorgeous views and bonus it was free because we could swipe our Metrocard. It's a hidden gem in Manhattan.

We then made our way back to Rockefeller Center. I wanted to watch ice skaters before going back to our hotel. As soon as we got there we were in for a real treat. We saw this older gentlemen having a hard time skating. It was a ordeal because he kept "falling" and the employees had to keep helping him up. Finally they escorted him off the ice. The whole time this was happening Jeff kept telling me this just had to be some type of hidden camera show and he was going to all of a sudden be an excellent skater... Well that didn't happen, but as soon as he got off the ice, he took off his wig and some kids must have recognized him because he posed for a few pics and then ran away. I have no idea who he was, but maybe someday a video of all of this will show up on the Internet!

We went for dinner at Rosemary's. They grow all their own herbs on the roof top. The ambiance was a plus. Really charming and cozy with dim candlelight in the middle of the West Village. Can't beat a great meal, with even better company.

We ended our last night with a Broadway show! We got tickets ahead of time to see First Date. Jeff & I really enjoyed it! It was a fast paced 90 minute musical with no intermission. We found out their last show is in January, so we were lucky to have seen it before it closes.

AND bonus- I got to meet the cast afterwards. Everyone was super nice! 

Now I can say I have met a celebrity! Zachary Levi & Krysta Rodriguez 

After my excitement we walked to Time Square to take one last look & then decided we wanted one final snack.. So where else?! Shake Shack!

Goodnight from the City that never sleeps! Part 1 of #Apples2Peaches is over.. Next stop Atlanta!

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