Sunday, October 30, 2016

Weekend Time

Hello! Jeff only had to work half-a-day on Friday so I decided to take the afternoon off as well. We had a lunch date at our favorite Mexican restaurant.
After our lunch we ran a few errands. We picked up new glasses for Jeff (We had such a great experience at Target's eye center) and then we had a tire appointment. It was nice to knock off some of these errands during the day.
On Saturday we went grocery shopping at Woodmans with the rest of Madison.
It was such a nice day on Saturday we also moved our patio furniture from our deck to to the garage to store for the winter.
Jeff jimmied this contraption to make sure all the cushions are dry.

I also tried this new recipe for Sunday dinner.
lt is probably the best recipe I have made for homemade mac & cheese.

Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween!


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