Monday, August 10, 2015

Back At It! AZ Recap

Hello! I am back from vacation, back at work, and back to the routine.
Jeff and I had a wonderful week off. We went to Arizona the first half of the week, and then flew to Dallas/Forth Worth for the second half of the week. Hopefully I will have posts throughout the week about our trip, so make sure you keep checking in!

We stayed at the Hotel Valley Ho in Scottsdale and it was just perfect. We spent so much time at the pool and it was so relaxing. 

We went to the Brewers/Diamondback game the first night we got into town. We have been to a lot of ball parks and The D-Backs have awesome deals at their concession stands. You can get popcorn, corn dog, or a hot dog for just $1.50 each. 
The next day we visited our old apartment complex (which we found out changed its name). We lived there from 2009-2011. Most of it looked the same, but we both noticed how much the trees have grown since we last lived there.
We also drove past both our old works.
We made sure we saw the "big dog". I don't know if I ever mentioned this on the blog, but our apartment in Arizona was close to the airport.  Jeff would be able to spot out flights and know where they were coming from. Arizona has 1 daily 747 flight from London to Phoenix that comes in every day between 5-6pm.  Usually we would just get home from work and look out on our patio and find the plane coming in. 
We made sure to see this plane more than once on our trip.

 Like I said, we spent a LOT of time at the pool. It was perfection.
We got up early one morning and hiked halfway up Camelback Mountain. It was so HOT even at 7am.
 We drove up to South Mountain and took in the views.
 Overall we had a great time in Arizona. It was so nice to relax, read some books at the pool (I will have to do a post on the books I read during my trip), and eat at all our favorite places. It was just nice to go back.
Next post will be all our favorite places we ate in Phoenix.


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