Wednesday, April 9, 2014

WEDDING WEDNESDAY: Meet our Photographer

Picking a photographer was a pretty tough decision during the wedding planning process. Milwaukee/Madison/Lake Geneva all have an abundance of extremely talented photographers, each with a varying quality that makes him or her special. I've looked at (what seems like) hundreds of photographer's websites, trying to decide whether I wanted to go with someone with a more artistic style or with a more clean-cut approach to capturing important moments. About half the photographers I contacted were already booked for our day, so I felt like I really had to get on the ball and find someone. One of the groomsmen's sister got married last summer and suggested we look at who they used. I was so happy he led me to Kat at Ellagraph Studios. I met her for coffee (that same morning I met my coworkers for breakfast) and it just felt right. I really love her pictures! I think she will capture the story of our wedding day.  Here are just a few of her photos.



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