Monday, April 7, 2014

she's hitched!

 Happy Monday, friends!! Hope you all got a little bit of sunshine & enjoyed some Spring weather over the weekend.  

My co-worker Leah got married on Saturday. I have only worked at my new job for a few months now, but she was kind enough to invite all of the work girls (including me the newbie) and their significant others!
 The ceremony was held at the State Assembly at the Capital. As you can see everyone has individual seats in the room. I ended up sitting on Jeff's lap because we couldn't find two seats together. lol! 
The reception was held at the High Noon Saloon. We sat on the second floor so we had a great view of the entire venue.
I took a picture of the back of Leah's wedding dress!
Fine Point having fun at the photobooth!
The happy couple.
Here is a sneakp peak I saw on Instagram of the wedding party.


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