Friday, January 4, 2013

this is a story about a pink phone.

I received my pink razor phone Christmas 2006. Six years later, through most of college, a move to Arizona and back, it is still going strong. I think that shows how good I am of taking care of things OR that the phone is pretty durable (probably the latter :) ). Here we go - flashback through the years as I say goodbye to the phone who has been with me 24/7 the past 6 years...

April 2007

October 2007
June 2009

June 2010

July 2011

May 2012
January 3, 2012 

(Last Picture of my phone before going to the phone store)

I think my phone could have lasted a few more months (maybe), but I do know it is time to upgrade and my phone is ready for retirement bliss.  It's crazy to think about how when everything else changes, my phone has stayed the same. 

note: I went through iphoto and couldn't believe how hard it was to find pictures of my phone.   
note II: In case you are wondering I have upgraded to the iphone 4s (in white).. think it will last me another 6 years though?!


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