Saturday, December 5, 2009

U of P tour

Yesterday night I flew back to AZ and I have about 40 hours in Phoenix until I leave again for Kansas City for another 2 weeks. My next post will be all about my Kansas adventure (which I don't even consider an adventure) Anyways with Jeff working at the U of P we decided to see the U of P stadium today! We wanted to go to the 12:30 tour but that was sold out so we bummed around Westgate until the next tour at 2:30.. lots of Viking fans there and that made us think that Brett Favre is in some Phoenix hotel tonight.. Jeff is trying to search to find out where he would be :)
Tonight we are going out to eat and then maybe the zoo lights which are supposed to be pretty good. I saw them from the sky on my flight home last night and it was neat to see all the colors blended together from up above.
Dec 6-Dec 15 will be tough and I hope the time flies by. I really wish I was in AZ during the holiday time... I have a couple decisions to make in the near future so i will keep you updated.
missin' everyone back home.


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  1. wowww you take me back. :) i'm glad life is treating you will since collegE! :)