Sunday, July 19, 2009

*weekend fun*

Hello out there.
It feels like I only talk about my weekends. That is probably because the weekdays are usually pretty boring to talk about. I study Mon/Wed and work Tues/Thurs.
Thursday night I did go to Buffalo Wild Wings to celebrate Mallory's 23rd Birthday!
Mallory, Megan, me, Kira

I studied all day Friday and then Jeff came over and we went out to the Water Street Brewery with Megan and Chad. I ordered a Blackened Taco Chicken Salad and it was delicious! Then we went back to Megan's and went into the hottub and reminisced about the cruise.

Then Saturday I went to Madison and had dinner with my roomie Emily who I hadn't seen since we moved out of our apartment in May.

Emily and I at Benvenutos
After dinner we went to the Mallards game to watch Chris play.
Here we are after the game ---->

Such a great weekend!
This week I have a dentist appointment, coffee date with Kendall, goodbye dinner with the girls, and then going up to Eagle River next weekend. I'm sad because I'm missing this --->

lobster fest 2008

lobster fest 2007
I hate when everything falls on the same weekend!

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