Monday, July 20, 2009

do not be afraid

I almost had a little tear roll down my face when I was leaving the dentist office. Little things can seem to pile on when you've got a lot stuff already going on...
Friday @ 2pm I have my 45 minute appointment.. So my northern woods adventure wont start till Friday night now.

My day did brighten up though..
Drew and I went to church and the homily was about fear and how we shouldn't be afraid.. how many times have you heard God say "Do not be afraid" ?? And what would he say to you right now if he walked into this church.. I like when what the priest talks about somehow relates to me.. I always feel like its a sign.
With many changes in the near future this really connects to me.

Then after church I went to Starbucks to visit Kendall. I couldn't make her baby shower so I brought her gift there. sooo good to catch up with her!


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