Sunday, June 21, 2009

the wedding was beautiful!!

Yesterday I went to Jessie and Nick's wedding. Jessie and I met back in the dorms and we have been friends ever since. Jeff, Jeff, John, and myself were all invited. The Bigelow gang came from all over the state to be there on her special day,except Lindsey who is in Seattle for the summer (we miss you!!)

Beautiful day @ Frame Park

THE BRIDESMAIDS: Lindsey, Britta, ??, Sharon, and Heidi

Jessie and Nick

Then we had a couple hours inbetween the wedding and reception so we went to to Kopie's house and went on the boat!

After the reception we drove back to ww and drank at the last time @ 133 Church Street...

Last picture of the night- Rosa's @ 2 am
Oh and happy father's day dad!

@ graduation a little over a month ago!

This week is work Tues/Thurs and trying to crack down on studying. And maybe getting an apartment...we shall see! yikes i leave in 7 weeks

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