Sunday, June 14, 2009

paige's graduation party

I knew my computer was hanging on by a thread and I hoped that it would make it through graduation AND it did, so that is what I keep telling myself. BUT last week, I received the blue screen of death when I turned it on..
so currently my laptop is at the computer shop.
This weekend I had some graduation parties to attend and a trip to ww.....
Here are some pictures at my cousin Paige's grad party:

The happy graduate and myself

Paige and Drew

Aunt Linda and Derek were matching so perfectly I had to take a picture!

allll the food!

Nic and Drew

battle over diet coke vs. diet pepsi

and also happy birthday beth!

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  1. that was about the EXACT same time mine crapped out. blue screen too. GO MAC!!!! best investment of a lifetime.