Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Odds and Ends

Here are some odds & ends that have been going on around here the past few weeks in no particular order:

Jeff has been busy putting up Christmas lights. I was supervising and taking a picture.
 I follow Bethenny Frankel on Snapchat (and a lot of other Bravolebrities) and I saw this s'more making kit.  I had to screenshot it because I thought it was so cute. Where can I find it?!

I have been watching Survivor this season. Drew & I always recap after the show.  Man there have been some drama off the show this year & here I am listening to podcasts on what is going on. The reunion should be interesting!

Jeff has been checking out new TVs lately and researching the latest & greatest. We just bought a new one for above the fire place and we will rotate the rest.
I picked up this Evergreen planter at Pick N Save and added all the extra details from my Costo planter last year.  I am so glad I bought the red pot from Target on clearance last year.  
I love Chilis- I could eat the chips & salsa every day.

We saw a matinee of  Sully at the cheap theatre during Thanksgiving weekend. Jeff & I both loved it!

I had been deciding whether or not to buy this jacket from Target the day after Turkey Day. Do you like my fashion show in the rug aisle?!
I ended up not buying it even though it was a great deal. I don't think I can pull off longer jacket look.
We started putting up our Christmas decorations! It is the first year we actually have a tree up because if you remember last year they were redoing our floors  during the entire holiday season.


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