Wednesday, August 31, 2016


 I have read a lot this summer! I just haven't been that great about blogging about it so I am trying to catch up.
Here is what I read in June.
Britt-Marie was Here: My cousin Beth received 2 advance copies from an instagram giveaway so it was fun to read a book that I don't think I would have picked out myself. 3 stars

Tell Me Three Things: A cute YA book, but predictable.  3 stars

Better Off Friends: Such an adorable YA book and even better it takes place in Wisconsin! Highly recommend. 4 stars

The Deal: I have read quite a few romance series, and I think one is pretty high up there. I really enjoyed it & want to read the companion books. 4 stars

Balancing in Heels: I was really hoping to hear some Laguna Beach or Hills stories, but the book was filled with excersie and food advice. Boring! I skipped through a lot of pages.  2.5 stars

Happiness for beginners: This book was better than expected. It is about a thirty something girl who signs up for a wilderness survival class after just getting divorced. Wonderful story from start to finish. 4.5 stars

Every Last Word: Most books I can expect what is coming, but did not expect that twist. I overall enjoyed the book.  3.5 stars

After I Do: I really liked this book and is by far my favorite book by this author. It is about a married couple who both decide take a year long break from each other. They have flashbacks of their relationship before it went bad and they were so cute, you were rooting for them the whole time. It a great and honest story on life and love. 4 stars

The Nest: I heard so much about this book, but I did not love it. Way too much hype.  3 stars


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