Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Sorry this last post of the vacation was delayed. We were up north this weekend and  I just finished this blog post and went to post and it somehow got deleted :( So I had to rewrite it and it is much shorter now.

Our last stop on our trip was Calgary.
Jeff outdid himself with picking hotel locations. We literally walked outside of our hotel and we were on the main drag.
 We had a lovely patio dinner at Metropolitan Grill.
I was tired after a long day!
 The next morning we went to Tim Hortons for breakfast. We wanted to make sure we stopped there once on our trip so we made sure to do it on our last day.
 We stumbled upon this HUGE mall downtown. It is over 4 stories and even had a rainforest inside.
After strolling the mall we went to Prince Island Park where they have a view of downtown (if you walk up ALL the stairs)
 Which we did :)
We finished walking through the park and downtown.
We were in Calgary a week before the Stampede. They were already setting up for it at our hotel and around downtown.
On our way to lunch we drove to a neighborhood and got an awesome view of downtown!
We had lunch at Clive Burger- it was so cute inside!
We had to order Poutine on our last day in Canada!
After dinner we went to Calgary Tower to see the views.  It took us awhile but we stepped on the glass floor.
Our last meal of the trip was the first meal of our trip- at the Cactus Club
We stayed in 5 hotels in 9 days- we saw so many things & had a wonderful time. Thanks for reading our vacation!


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