Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas 2015

How can Christmas come & go so quickly?! 
We had a wedding the weekend before Christmas (I will share pics soon) and then Jeff & I both took off the week of Christmas.  We were hoping that they would come to finish our floors, but of course they didn't. That meant that we could not put up our Christmas tree this year :(

On Christmas Eve we drove down to Mukwonago for church and had appetizers & dessert at home after.
Notice the tree butter on the table? Mom thinks of all the details!
Jeff & me
 Drew & me 
Mom & Dad
 I love how Drew decorated my Christmas present. Just brown paper, a black Sharpie and his talent.
 Birthday cake for both Drew and Dad since Drew wasn't home for his birthday in November.  Mom surprised us with the best cheesecake ever. 
Christmas Morning!
Mom and Dad woke up early to make the Jewish coffee cake.

We finished opening up presents and then we left Mukwonago by 11 am. We drove back to Madison so we could make it to the farm in the afternoon to see Jeff's side of the family. 


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