Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Lunch Lately..

 Hi! I thought I would share what I make for my lunches lately. 
Since it is summer, there are so many food carts on the capital square.  Even though it would be so delicious to try all the different kinds of food, it just adds up & not always the healthiest either.

I make a batch of pasta on Sunday and then I just add more salad dressing if I need to before I scoop it out into a bowl to take to work.

Here is my recipe (I actually don't think there is a name for this salad, but my mom makes it and you can add just whatever you have in the fridge)

1. Boil small shell noodles and let them cool. While they are cooling,
2. Cut cubes of cheese
3. Cut up a tomato
4. Cut up a onion
5. Mix all together
6. Add a dash of pepper & salt
7. Add Lite Ceaser dressing
and viola! 

Super easy AND tasty!


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