Sunday, February 22, 2015

For the love of house hunting

It has been a whirlwind since the last time I posted. Jeff and I have been deep in house hunting.
We have seen around 18 properties in the west side of Madison the last several weeks. A little bit of everything- some places we couldn't quite afford. Some places that need a lot of work. Some places that need a coat of paint. Some houses that had pets and Jeff couldn't stop sneezing. Some places that were filled with stuff (so filled I have no idea how the sellers could out in a year, much less a month!). Some places with no yards.  You name it- we saw it. 
We even put an offer on a house very early on during our search and were so hopeful it would work out, but we didn't get the house. I feel like my emotions have been a rollar coaster throughout this whole process. I can say I do not enjoy this house search right now. Owning is a completely different beast. The pressure to "get it right" is overwhelming and having to make a fast & swift decision is something I do not like. You snooze, you lose is what I am learning.
So I'll keep you posted. I plan on talking more about our process once things start to feel more organized and an actual plan takes shape. We have our fingers crossed about one place/lot but outside of that it's looking pretty lackluster at the moment... 


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