Monday, November 17, 2014


Last week I had the amazing opportunity to take part in the Sleeter Conference at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. I was lucky enough to have Jeff come along with me on my work trip. My conference was 3 long but action packed days and I learned a lot. I came home sleep deprived, under-caffeinated and with a giant to-do list. BUT that is okay!

Here are some pictures of us out & about in Vegas during our free time..

Jeff and I actually ate at Grimaldi's twice while out there. This was one of our favorite restaurants in Arizona and they don't have any in Wisconsin. Whenever we visit a city with a Grimaldi's in it, you can bet we will visit. 
Jeff got up bright and early one day and drove to Zion Park in Utah. He had done some research and there was free admission to the park on Veterans Day. He hiked over 8 miles and saw the most amazing views!
 At the start of his hike, Jeff saw an elk!
 Since Jeff rented a car for his Zion Park adventure we drove to In & Out for dinner since it is off the strip. Always a treat to eat there since we don't have any in Wisconsin.
 We saw Rock of Ages one night.. Very entertaining! Couldn't get 'Don't Stop Believing' out of my head.
This was my fifth time to Vegas and Jeff's eighth time, so we have done quite a lot each time we are in the city. The Linq was new to both of us so we spent a chunk of time there.
We visited the Polaroid store. They had a museum upstairs that was free to the pubic, and it was fascinating to see how the Polaroid camera has evolved over the years.  
 On our last night, we ate at Margaritaville. I actually have never ate there before and we wanted to eat somewhere with a view. The food was just okay, but it we had a table with a view of the strip! 
Of course we had to end the trip on a sweet note!
  My choice was Hot Chocolate from Serendipity!
 Jeff's choice was Haagen-Dazs
Again, I am thankful that my husband (so fun to say) came with me on my work trip. They were long days, so it was nice to hang out with him at night.


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