Tuesday, June 17, 2014

BlowDry Bar Review

A year ago when I was in Hollywood I visited the BlowDry Bar. I heard just rave reviews and there was nothing in Wisconsin like it. I didn't really love the way my hair turned out, and afterwards they emailed me to take a survey, so I took it and gave them my feedback and they ended up refunding me. I was surprised what great customer service I received. I did love the look of the place and maybe I would try it again if I ever end up in LA or NY.

Well almost a year to the day later, a Blow Dry Lounge opened up in Madison. It popped up on my newsfeed and they were offering complimentary blow dry's. I scheduled an appointment to come in Saturday morning.

I ended up not liking my hair this time either!! Here is what I look like when I left the place. My bangs were just HORRIBLE!!!
I went home put my bangs underneath the sink and redid them myself.
This is the end result with a mix of the blow dry and mix of me. 

I would definitely not go back to that place though. For $40, I could do that myself.

I think this experience makes me even more nervous for my hair for the wedding.


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