Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend Snaps

Happy Easter, everyone! We are filled to the brim with sweets & happiness after yet another fun weekend!  
On Friday night we finally had dinner at the Tap Room at the Hawks Landing. It is literally right next door to our apartment but we have never been. I heard they had a fish fry so it worked out perfect to just walk over there.
On Saturday morning we tackled some grocery shopping with everyone else in Madison. 
Saturday afternoon we went over to Jeff's parents and cleaned my car because boy did my car need a good cleaning! 
The sun was actually producing warmth - like 60+ degrees warm! 

 If you look at Jeff cleaning my headlights- the one on the right is how they looked before. Jeff found online that using toothpaste will clear them up and boom look at the difference!
We also ended up seeing Frozen on Saturday night. I know we are only six months behind everyone else, but I wanted to see what all the hype was about.
On Easter morning, we got up early and went to 7:30 church. We had a quiet breakfast at home and then went to University Ridge. Nothing like a round of golf to celebrate the beautiful Easter Day!  

We didn't have ham but tried out the apartment grill for the first time and had a pretty good burger to end the day!
Have a good week everyone!


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