Wednesday, November 13, 2013

He got down on one knee and I said...


 Oh. my. goodness... I am an engaged woman! 
This is the story.

I drove up to Madison after work on Friday night. We normally go to Chipotle for dinner, but earlier in the week Jeff suggested we should have a "Date night" since  both of us were going to have a busy and stressful week. He said it would be something for both of us to look forward to. Who wouldn't agree to that? I got to the apartment &  switched cars and then headed for downtown. The original restaurant we were going to go eat had a line out the door & we found it is was an hour and ten minute wait. We decided to walk down State Street and find someplace else. We found this cute little place with twinkly lights and even better - no wait. It turned out to be such nice dinner! Highly recommend.

During dinner Jeff mentioned there was a free concert at the Overture Center that we could stop by. Once we got to the Overture center we walked downstairs and it just so happened that not a single person was on the lower level, so it felt like we had the place to ourselves.  He took me underneath the glass dome and said that the very first time he knew he liked me was here & then said a few more things, but at this time, I was in shock -it was all a blur. All I know is that Jeff gave the sweetest proposal speech.

It was perfect.

And of course.. I SAID YES! 

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  1. Congratulations! The ring is beautiful and I've heard really good things about Roast. I went to a wedding on the rooftop at the Overture Center a couple of summers ago, since it seems like it's someplace special for you two might be worth checking out!