Monday, May 27, 2013

scenes from my weekend

I joined Jeff in Madison this Memorial Day weekend. Here are some photos I took on the good 'ol iPhone!
We met my dear friend Lindsey for dinner on her drive through Madison. She had taken her Parole test in Wausau that afternoon, so it was perfect timing to celebrate her passing.

 I did a little shopping over the weekend too. I do have a trip coming up! I had bought a shirt at Express not even a week ago and noticed it is now 40%, so I re-bought the same top. Now I will have to stop back at Express sometime this week and return the original shirt. Hey, it will save me $25!
Lots of food this weekend... 
We also played 18 holes and got soaked. The weather didn't even call for rain, but it starting around the 1st hole and I don't think it ever stopped. We had to dry out all our clubs that night.

Hope you all had a happy weekend celebrating Memorial Day!


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