Sunday, April 8, 2012

Took the Train to Weekend Fun

Greetings! Jeff and I took the train to Chicago on Saturday morning.  We walked to Navy Pier and took the "lake tour." They told us we would be jetted out 7 miles and get a great shot of the whole city. They barely took us out of the harbor, so that was disappointing and we thought it was just a mediocre tour.  We then had lunch at American Dog.  Jeff had the Chicago dog and I had the Southwest wrap. Even though Jeff got a stomachache after he ate, he claims it was a great hot dog. We did a little shopping and then stood in line at Sprinkles for about 40 minutes. I never had to wait in Scottsdale in all the times I went, so I was very surprised to see how long the line outside the store was. I guess it is very touristy here in Chicago. Overall, it was a great day! Next time, I want to go to the Shedd Acquirium!


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