Sunday, March 25, 2012

Golf and a Lost Club

If you remember last October Jeff and I golfed at SentryWorld. Well, that was the last time we golfed for the season. With this spring-like weather, we went and played at SentryWorld for the first time since that day in October. On the first hole, Jeff realized he didn't have his pitching wedge. What are the chances that the pro shop had his club??! After our round, we checked the car trunk and no luck.. it wasn't there. So we went back to the pro shop and they let us come in their shed and we walked all the way to the back and there was a big bin labeled "LOST CLUBS 2011" and probably 30 clubs inside..and there was his pitching wedge. That made his day!

jeff and di golfing
jeff and di college golf


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