Saturday, December 4, 2010

Update with Pictures!

Mom sent me a fall package a couple months ago..

The real leaves are from the front lawn and the leave cookies are from Elegant Farmer.

My old RA back in Bigelow was visiting AZ and she spent a few days with me.

Had to take her to Sprinkles

Cousins by the apartment finally re-opened so Jeff and I went there a few weeks ago. The lady that made our sandwiches saw my car and she was from WI too.
I liked what she wrote on our sandwiches..

My old roomie Emily had flight issues 2 weeks ago and ended up flying through AZ so I got have breakfast with her!!

@ Matt's Breakfastt (Highly recommend! Dad told me they were on the Food Network)

Today I received my St. Nicks's gift in the mail!

I won $6 !!!

Jeff and I before heading out for dinner ----->

Decided to try AZ 88

The owner of AZ 88 owns a restaurant in Milwaukee so we had to try this place.


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