Friday, April 2, 2010

A Few Randoms

1.Jeff's friend Jason was here last week. They were grilling --->

2. My mom sent me the cutest little easter box full of goodies! jelly beans, chocolate eggs, easter pasta, bunny honey grahams, a cute top, lottery tickets, coupons, and newspaper articles, etc..she is always so thoughtful! we've received a few other easter cards this week and it's making me feel like i'm so not "on the ball" with everything especially with my recent test... i don't know how people find time to do sweet little things for other people all the time. my mom is so good about remembering birthdays, anniversaries, holidays etc...

3. No break for me- Starting to study for my next test already which is about 2 months away.

4. Got my haircut yesterday and didn't care to much for the stylist. Makes me appreciate and miss Angie my hair girl back home. I will have to set up an appointment in July when I come home to see her.

5. Going to the eye doctor today, going get some new glasses.. 5 years ago was my last appt- so maybe it is time again.


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