Saturday, March 6, 2010


Back from Kansas, back to blogging! I spent half of my time in a hotel and the other half in the apartments. Of course I took pictures of my travels--->


Last weekend we went over to my Grandpa's for my Aunt Linda's Birthday.. Here are some overdue pics ------->

Thanxs Aunt Kay for all the banana bread :)

Kendall and Jason came to Arizona for Brewer's Spring Training and we were able to meet up. Always nice to see her!

Looking Forward to:
Paige coming to Arizona this week
Drew coming to Arizona next week (ready to climb Camelback?)
Going to the new Culver's that opened up by us
Tom Petty Concert with Jeff on May 18

Right now it's work and studying and will be for a couple long months.
BUT I just scheduled my PTO and I coming to WISCONSIN July 1-July 10... 2 weddings+ 4th July Fun+home=AWESOME!


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