Sunday, January 24, 2010

Goodbye Pink

Have you noticed my photo's lately?? Are they different?? Because, I received a new camera for Christmas.
Say goodbye to my old camera--------->

Once upon a time, I received the pink camera for Christmas 2005. My camera was there as I finished up freshman year and went into sophomore year at UWW, which involved snapping pictures in the dorms, occasionally walking to class, and taking pictures on every golf trip. It went with me when I was on a road trip to Tennessee. It went into junior year a little bit worse for wear, but overall good. When I turned 21 my camera use increased dramatically as it saw the bar scene.

My camera went into Senior Year determined to live it up. And it did. My camera saw me graduate and went with me on my cruise adventure this summer.

And Yes, the camera saw my move to Arizona. I think it sometimes misses home, but got to go back in December and met her replacement.
Yes, the camera lived a good life and is very much looking forward to retirement bliss.

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  1. Ugh. I need a new camera practically every year because I always manage to break the one I have! No fun.