Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merrimint= High-spirited fun and enjoyment

I'M BACK!!!! Jeff emailed me this everyday while I was gone... isn't that sweet?!

While I was in Kansas City, I met up with my cousin Todd who just moved to Missouri. It was great to see him and have a fantastic lunch at the Plaza(and do a little xmas shopping too!)

Jeff's mom sent us Christmas cookies. They are soo delicious! What a great treat.

After work on Friday, Jeff and I went to Mesa to see some temple and I was surprised because it was filled with twinkly lights on the outside. It was very pretty!!

After that, we stopped by KOHL's and of course I had to take a picture to show mom what a Kohl's in Arizona looks like.

Jeff and I opened up presents on Saturday. We are going to Vegas in January with a bunch of college friends and he surprised me with tickets for a gondola ride when we are there!

The Whitewater game was supposed to be on in the morning, but because of the snow delay in Virginia it was delayed until the afternoon and it also switched channels.. Unfortunately we didn't get that channel, but luckily my apartment complex has a small theatre so Jeff and I had a whole big screen to cheer the Whitewater team on!!

I got free tickets to the ASU men's basketball game, so after the WW game we went to that game ----->

We ended the weekend with ZooLights! It was OK, very crowded, but now I can say that I have gone.

I'm in Wisconsin from Tuesday-Monday... I can't wait!! Can't wait to see friends and family!!!!


  1. Jumped over from 20SB! I love, love, LOVE that adorable picture of you two with the heart! How cute is that?!

    Have a great holiday!

  2. glad you found my blog!! love the dating story (CRAZY SIMILAR!) and those gondola tickets are adorable... very creative!! have a great 2010 =)