Sunday, October 18, 2009


sometimes i miss wisconsin.
sometimes i miss college.
sometimes i miss sleeping in, rolling out of bed, and heading to class.
sometimes i miss partying all night.
sometimes i miss my whitewater friends
and my golf girls
and my family.
sometimes i miss being handed the money that i need
and not receiving a bill
sometimes i miss having time to myself
to watch my tv shows.
and blog.
and post photos online.
sometimes i even miss studying in the whitewater library (the asu library just isn't the same)
sometimes i miss caring and worrying about no-one
but myself.

some days are difficult- i don't see the end of the tunnel for the cpa, somedays i don't think ill ever pass, but sometimes, like today, i feel good about life. <3.
i'm getting used to my new life and can't complain!

1 comment:

  1. i am tempted to go searching for an almost IDENTICAL post i remember writing a few years back. the more you get used to real life, the more you end up missing college.