Sunday, September 13, 2009

Diamondbacks vs. Brewers

I'm blogging as the Packers are just starting to play.. hope they win!
This weekend went by toooo fast!
On Friday after work Jeff and I took the light-rail to the baseball game.

Picked a great game because they had fireworks after the game so we went down to the front row and watched!
(courtesy of
Then Saturday Jeff and I had to go to the Lazyboy Warehouse and then to the store to return the barstools and get our credit..

Why you might ask???? Well the following pictures will show you why.

Aunt Linda I will need your help finding bar stools where the finish doesn't come off!!
Then I went to Grandpa's and we went to church and out to eat @ the Elephant Bar
The priest mentioned today is Grandparent's Day so happy Grandparent's Day to Amah and Grandpa :)
Today I have been studying all day and doing laundry, vacumming, cleaning, etc...
Ok off to watch some of the Packer game with Jeff.
Have a good week!!!

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  1. Diana- You and Jeff are so cute.. I just checked up on your blog and had to show a roomie (one out of 13) a picture of you two because I think it is so precious! :)